Test Post – 1

chocolate marshmallow frappe served in mug
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I have chosen the following websites as inspiration for Inti Binti:


This website is of the same topic, remote work from home, and that is mainly why I chose Work From Home Happiness as an inspiration. I observed how the website is organized into Career Paths making it look like some sort of a vocational site. This puts me off at first, because I do not have the knowledge of what career paths would lead where.

But I have decided to also use the same approach, albeit a bit differently. Perhaps I would adopt the menu choices, or observe them more carefully to see what elements fit my own idea of a remote website: Start Here, Free Resources, Now Hiring, Extra Money, Start Your Own Blog, and About. However, I don’t think I would be so kind as giving away free guides. I can’t afford that yet.


This is a lifestyle blog/website with arts and crafts guides and a long list of contributors. I think their content mix is somewhat relevant to my chosen theme: “remote lifestyle”. Although I initially wanted to focus more on the work from home aspect, there is a huge opportunity for the “lifestyle” element of working from home. I can incorporate arts and crafts, shopping, deals, even courses, which is one of the main selling point of Wonder Forest. Also, I think it’s a really good idea to start finding contributors.

The tone and style of the content, including images and choice of topics, are very light and share-worthy, with top tips and how-tos from people who make art and have blogs of their own. So they must share a bit of the paint points the readers want solved.

I could also aim for a similar crowd as my audience. But I do need to create a detailed persona project first, or perhaps later on after my first quarter.


The most inspiring thing about this website is Katie’s shop, which is mostly the looks she posted on her Instagram, but with links to where to buy the items online. I am also subscribed to her newsletter, so I could learn how to sell with the affiliate marketing programs she’s on. I still have to create an Advertising page first though, and Disclosure.

Inti Binti Mood Board

Link to mood board on Canva.


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